• University education and settlement model

    The aim of these reflections is to start off a series of discussions about the possible development of the university, to organize them depending to the transformations of the architectural body and to frame them according to the extent of the works necessary for the adaptations of the building. These, as we shall see, cannot proceed in parallel with academic programming, because they will have to be subjected to a series of long practices, the conclusion of which is always difficult to determine. The effort will therefore be aimed at identifying all the possible innovative channels, especially educational ones, and linking them to the necessary building works, in order to anticipate them and have already solved them when the new programs are under way The objective, ambitious, obliges to converge on a unitary plan all the competences that participate in the government of the university and, working on the contrary on sectorial fields, often neglect the difficulties of the executive phase.
    The vision which comes out is that one of an architect who, having held the office of rector, has absorbed what the government machine of a university can pour on those who are used to measuring everything through the project. The resulting perspective thus highlights a professional goal that places all the building feasibility behind it everything  : where and how what is hypothesised can find its proper location.
    The invitation is therefore to deepen the themes set out, but also to propose others that, starting from different positions either for scientific training or for management responsibility, indicate the priorities to be coordinated with the adaptation of the architectural system.

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